Parestan #6


I am pleased to announce that my poem, Three Words, has been published in the 6th issue of the Pakistani literary digital magazine, Parestan. This edition, as well as all of their previous installments, includes both poems and short-stories.

You can read it here: Parestan #6

Below you will find Issue 6’s Table of Contents:

  1. The Other Children by Abeen Arif
  2. Three Words by Nisar Masoom
  3. The Struggle Of A Bipolar by Aisha Adnan
  4. Autobiography Of A Cake by Muhammad Bin Khalid
  5. Weak Is The New Strong by Mahvash Irshad
  6. Shehr-e-Yaaram by Aisha-tir-Raazia
  7. He Loves Me Like My Poetry by Arganise Campbell-Nash
  8. A Traveler In The Wilderness by Sakeena Hassan
  9. Means To An End by Tooba Arshad
  10. Answering The Nation’s Call by Sibt-E-Ali
  11. Remorseful by Ibz Abu Ishaaq

I hope everyone enjoys reading this latest edition as much as I did. I wish to thank the Creative Team at Parestan for compiling such a wonderful collection of literary wonders. And, of course, for selecting Three Words as the primary poem for this issue, which follows Abeen Arif’s opening story, The Other Children. Hopefully, the next edition will be even better.


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